A lifesaving career

May 20-May 26 is National Emergency Medical Services week. It is a time to honor the dedication of those who provide the day- to-day lifesaving services of medicine on the front line.

Working as a paramedic is a tough career to choose.

Not many of us realize what the life of a paramedic is really like. It is a career filled with the unknown. Not knowing what your next emergency call will be and being prepared for any type of emergency at any given time. It is a career that often places you outside on the coldest day or the rainiest of nights. These men and woman spend their holidays away from their families to make it possible for our families to be safe. They are independent, quick thinkers, making decisions in the most critical moments. They work long hours, often risking their own lives to saves others.

This career not only has a large amount of stress, but also requires the ability to handle large amounts of stress in situations where seconds count.

I received a phone call the other day from a group of EMS providers, inquiring how they could volunteer their services to help the children in their community. This does not surprise me in the least. I receive phone calls like these every day. This group is the first to step up to volunteer and to organize activities to aid others that may be in need. Benefits that range from golf outings, walks, marathons and yes, even wearing pink t-shirts that promote breast cancer!

EMS providers play a vital role in increasing the chance of survival for the children they transport to the emergency room here at Dayton Children’s. The pre-hospital care they give will often dictate the outcome of the child. They are the eyes and ears at the scene, leading the treatment path for the patient

This is a career that so few people could handle, but for them a career that they would not want to change for any other.

It is simply impossible to show our appreciation to these providers who so truly deserve it.

Please let us all take the time to say “Thank you” to those who give so much.

By Heather Koss RN EMT-P

EMS Coordinator


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    Kim Grant May 23, 2012

    We are so lucky we hve a children’s hospital in our town!  Huge peace of mind for any parent! 

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    Kim Grant May 23, 2012

    Oh and the EMS professionals to get them there in an emergency too!!!

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