Teens and technology: Burden or blessing?

Many parents of teens experience technology as more of a burden than a blessing. They see their kids as technology junkies, addicted to their phones and unable to function without their digital umbilical cord. Teens’ perceptions are diametrically opposed to … Continue reading

Sound bites for safety

I’m just days back on the job after maternity leave (details coming soon) and I’ve done two news interviews about the importance of bicycle safety – including helmets – due to a recent bicycle accident death. I watched a lot … Continue reading

Meet Doc McCrane!

Special thanks to the nearly 600 employees, patients and families who voted to name our 200-foot-friend in the center of campus! We are excited to introduce you officially to “Doc McCrane.” The name Doc McCrane was submitted by Abbey Gordon, … Continue reading

Why doggies are like veggies

Did you know it may take up to 8-10 times to like a new food? It is all about exposure. This is what we tell parents of picky eaters. I learned this lesson myself with a four legged friend. You … Continue reading

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