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Dayton Children’s New Mommy Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders

Early on in my pregnancy, maybe even before I was pregnant, I decided that if I could, I would breastfeed.  I am lucky that my work environment is very open and actually encourages breastfeeding.  Many times when I would tell some of the physicians that I work with here at Dayton Children’s that I was pregnant they would ask – are you going to breastfeed? Granted – that is a strange question to ask a colleague but I know that my co workers wanted to encourage me. 

However, I was aware of the challenges of breast feeding and wanted to approach it with “Zen” – being OK with whatever happened and laid back about the whole affair. Here were the ways that I stayed (and hopefully will continue to stay) “Zen Mommy” when it comes to breastfeeding.

  • In preparation for the baby I didn’t take any breastfeeding classes but I did sit down for a long talk with one of my co-workers who recently had a baby and told me all of the things that your mom somehow forgets to tell you.  Now I don’t blame my mom since she did breastfeed 30 years ago but somehow little things get forgotten that would have been nice to know.
  • I also didn’t purchase any breastfeeding supplies. Since I didn’t know if everything was going to “work out” I figured I would purchase once things were moving along. Once things were going well and I felt comfortable financially committing to breastfeeding I sent my husband to the Kids Care Shop at Dayton Children’s where he rented a breastpump and got the rest of the supplies we needed.
  • I made sure that I had a support system.  I told my husband that I was going to need support from him to encourage me when things “hurt” and to take care of the baby those few hours when she wasn’t feeding and he was home. I am also very lucky that our extended family offered many words of encouragement as well.
  • Water has become my best friend. I also make sure to eat a lot of protein and experiment with some recipes for breastfeeding moms. Making sure I’m eating and drinking well makes a huge difference.

So far, breastfeeding has been the right choice for me and Mary.  Things seem to be working out after she initially lost a whole pound after birth, which is normal.  In addition to the nutrition that she receives the price isn’t too shabby and the 500 extra calories that I use up each day has helped me get into my pre-pregnancy cloths a little faster.


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    Jessica J. McCarron March 30, 2011

    Nice post. I’m currently nursing my second (and pumping at work for) my second child. My first child never received formula. It’s great that you have a work colleague that had success with breastfeeding with whom to chat, but many women don’t have that resource. For women that are interested, I would highly suggest taking a breastfeeding class towards the end of pregnancy – and husbands (or other support persons) should go too! Those first few weeks can be so difficult, and support is HUGE!

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    Tina March 30, 2011

    I am all about the Zen. Good for you for taking such a thoughtful approach. Some of your “Zen” energy is sure to pass on to your little one.

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    Sarah April 14, 2011

    You know it is hard with your first if you don’t have a solid support system. Being the first of my circle of friends it was tough and like you, my mom was “out of the loop” because it had been so long and she only bfd us for a short bit because it wasn’t supported for working women like it is now. Alex never did catch on to the process, but I 100% pumped for 7 months til we found out about the food allergies. Then with my 2nd bf was a breeze and totally natural, til the milk quit at 6m. Now with my 3rd we’ve surpassed 7 months… and still going strong. Water is definitely your best friend as it your phone and maybe a book to read. :-)

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