Top five reasons to love the playground

  1. It is EDUCATIONAL.  There are lots of ways to learn everywhere, including the park.  You count –“ 1, 2, 3. “You practice vocabulary – “ready, set, go.” We take walks around and describe the equipment, the trees, the community, and even the sky and clouds. We work on our communication skills with each other and with new friends that we make.
  2. We practice following the RULES. We get to practice taking turns. We figure out how to share things with strangers. We practice learning self-control because we have to wait our turn. We also see the ways that other families handle situations and discuss later the pros and cons. We also review and practice playground etiquette and safety – do not walk in front or behind the person swinging, go down the slide (not up) and only after the person in front of you has cleared their path, when climbing up equipment do not trample over the person in front of you.
  3. It is HEALTHY. We play outside enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. We exercise in a fun manner using different muscles on all of the different equipment. We use our legs in climbing, practice balance on the bridges, use our arms on the monkey bars and rock climbing. We run and jump and swing.
  4.  It is good for our DEVELOPMENT. We practice being independent once we climb up the stairs and go down the slides without mommy and daddy right there. We challenge ourselves physically and mentally with the heights that we climb, the places that we swing and the speed that we slide down. And when we finally learn how to make ourselves go on the swings, or climb up that rock wall, or slide down that big, curvy slide, we feel a sense of pride in our accomplishments and we gain some sense of self-confidence.
  5. It is FUN FAMILY time. We laugh and make memories. We spend positive time together. We look forward to the next time that we can enjoy the experience again.
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