The Baby Registry – the Must NOT Haves!

Dayton Children’s Soon-to-be-Mommy Blogger: Jessica Saunders

I’m blessed to have friends and family that will be throwing me a couple showers before the birth of my little one and once again, because I don’t know my baby’s gender, I’ve been focusing on the basics as I put together my registry.

Man what an overwhelming process!

As I look through the hundreds of baby products lining the aisles of baby stores – I’m asking myself – what do I need? Do I really need a wipe warmer?  How many bottles should I get? How expensive are those replacement garbage bags?

Luckily, I’m also one of the last of my friends to have a baby – so I’m definitely leaning on them for some ideas and advice for these items. However, my expertise has come in handy on some of those other items that I’ve decided I don’t need.

My list of the top five things that aren’t on my registry – but may be on yours:

  1. Travel Mirrors – Yes, we love to see our little one as we drive and it’s safest to keep them rear-facing in the car seat as long as possible – but these mirrors can easily become a projectile in the car if you were ever in an  accident.
  2. Roller Sunshades – Yet another product made for the car – and I see them all of the time.  As a child passenger safety technician we don’t recommend these either – for the same reason as a travel mirror – they can easily become projectiles. Another option is to get a shade that clings directly to the window and can’t easily pop off.
  3. Sleep positioner – This item hit the news recently resulting in a warning issued by the FDA and CPSC. Typically, a sleep positioner is piece of foam used to prevent a baby from turning over onto his or her stomach (because we want babies to sleep on their backs). However, many times if a baby in a positioner turns his or her head from side to side the foam can conform to the face and cause suffocation.
  4. Crib bumper pads – Although these can be super cute and are designed to prevent bumps and bruises, crib bumpers can create their own hazards. Unfortunately, many deaths have occurred when the infant becomes wedged between the bumper and another object or when the infant’s face is against the bumper.
  5. Car Seat Protector Mat – These are mats that go under your car seat to “protect” the seat of the car. They are not needed and actually, talking with some colleagues that manufacture car seats,  aren’t recommended when used with car seats.  Like many products made to help a car seat fit better (that is a whole blog entry itself) – these items can  compromise the safety of a car seat.  They aren’t necessary.

So the way I see it,by avoiding these products, my baby will not only be a little safer,  but I will also save money that I’m probably going to need for diapers!


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    Lisa November 8, 2010

    Good post. Just curious, is the last one because you can’t get the seat to fit as tightly? We use one and our seat seems to grip better on the leather seat with it in place.

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      Dayton Children's November 10, 2010

      That is one of the reasons – many manufacturers don’t test with all of the seat positioners out there so it’s best to avoid them.

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