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So much for childproofing…

My Mini Evel Knieval is at it again – or still at it – and probably will be for the rest of her life.  I know she is going to be independent and determined.  How determined?  I’m afraid to find out! Right now she is determined to undermine all of my childproofing efforts – take a look for yourself!

NOTE: Photos are for demonstration purposes – of what a 10-month old should not be doing. Although I assume – I’m not alone!

Tearing off the electronics protector.

Playing with furniture - but check out our handy-dandy tool to secure the TV to the wall!

Trying to eat the cabinet lock.

Literally chewing on the corner protector.

And using her car seat as a jungle gym!

Do I still believe in childproofing – of course – but as I’m learning there is no rest for a mother of a near-toddler. Constant supervision is essential! I’m happy my daughter is showing signs that she will be an independent woman…but until she is grown a watchful mommy I will have to be!



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      Jim December 20, 2011

      Have you tried these? http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2792268 I cannot get them out to vaccuum.  Needless to say this is a very unacceptable excuse as to why I don’t vaccuum more!

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        Mommy Blogger December 21, 2011

        Jim – I will have to try those! Although…I do not need another excuse not to vacuum!

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    Jackie December 16, 2011

    As Mary Louise’s Grandmother in Wisconsin, it is eyeopening to view what my rambunctious grand daughter, Mary Louise, is doing to the safety devices I bought for Jessica’s furniture in October.  I will just encourage Jessica to keep on watching that child closely.  However, I will remind her that I kept her and her siblings in a play pen when I needed to get something done, and it made my life a lot easier!  Grandma Jackie

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