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Protecting your castle

Planning your family vacation this summer?  Don’t forget to take a few extra minutes to prepare your home for your time away – you want to make sure you come back to the same place you left!

Here is a checklist that I’ve pulled together in preparation for any trips that may arise:

(1)    Always lock your doors and windows.  This is something that you should do each and every time you leave the house, but especially when you are on vacation.  If you have a spare key, leave it with a neighbor or family member you trust instead of somewhere outside where the elements or a stray animal may accidentally find it.

(2)    Secure your garage. Make sure you have locked both the doors to your garage and the doors from your garage to your home if you have an attached garage.

(3)    Get the right lights.  Install outdoor floodlights, ideally motion-sensored, which can act as a deterrent if anyone comes on your property. In addition, use light timers inside to give the appearance that someone is home.

(4)    Photograph and inventory valuables.  If you have expensive items like televisions or computers, consider writing down their serial numbers and store this information in a safe place.  Also take photos of valuable items in your home – from jewelry to furniture. This would come in helpful if you need to alert the insurance company or the police. Finally, put important documents like birth certificates and your best jewelry in a safe.  Not only will this be fireproof, but a burglar will be less likely to carry out such a heavy item.

(5)    Plan for the mail and newspaper.  Ask a trusted neighbor to bring in packages, mail or the newspaper from your home so these items don’t pile up.  Also, consider contacting the U.S. Postal Service to hold your mail for the duration of your trip.

And guess when I’m going on vacation? I’m not going to tell you!

With social media our friends and family get a play-by-play of our entire lives – but who else is getting that play-by-play?  Don’t tell social media when you will be out of town. Wait to post photos of beautiful sunsets, the kids with Mickey and fun family memories after you return.

If you are traveling this summer have a safe journey!

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