My Mini Evel Knieval

I have a creeper…a puller upper…a crawler over everything in her way…daredevil. As Mary’s day care teacher says “she’s anxious.” Mary is ready for the next thing…and then next. She is a danger to herself!

I’m in the world of child proofing…the minute I think I have one area secure Mary finds the other things she’s not supposed to see.  Why play with toys when she can play with the one step that we have, the air conditioning grate on the floor and the lamp cord hidden behind the couch?

She has no regard for toys that might be in her way – she just crawls over them. She actually crawls over people too – if they are in between her and her target.

And forget the barriers that I might put up between her and the flat screen TV…they are merely an obstacle course that will one day be conquered.

Parenting is a full time job – for sure! While she may not be a motorcycle yet – my little Mini Evel Kneival  is always looking for the next challenge. My job is to keep her from breaking the 433 bones broken by her role model.

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