My First Mother’s Day

Dayton Children’s new mommy blogger, Jessica Saunders

Sunday I’ll be celebrating my first Mother’s Day and I’m so incredibly moved. I think this holiday means so much more to me than other holiday because it’s something that I had to work for – to earn.

I spent years dreaming of having a child – of being a mother. I spent nine months carrying a baby – avoiding sushi, soft cheeses and caffeine. I endured weeks of morning sickness and backaches – and of course lots of weight gain. I went through twenty-three hours of labor (thank goodness for the epidural) and in those first weeks spent countless nights awake with a crying baby. But was it worth it – a million times yes!

My child is worth every bit of discomfort and frustration. Her smile is worth it – her fingernails that won’t stop growing, her little baby fat rolls that are starting to form, her giggles – and even her tears. And in this first year wondering each day which of her “firsts” might come – the first rollover, first tooth, or the first laugh are memories I will keep forever. I’m the luckiest person alive to have such a precious miracle in my keeping.

As a child you celebrate your mother (usually with a little help from Dad) – but to me Mother’s Day is even more a celebration of your child – of this life that you will forever mold and must protect.

So to all of the mother’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your miracles – I’ll be enjoying mine!

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