Moving Tips for Toddlers

We recently moved and it was sure a process – who knew I could collect so much stuff.  Having a toddler doesn’t help – she has tons of clothing and randomly shaped toys. I can’t say the move was stress free but there were a few good ideas I think I had along the way.

First, I read up on a few best practices for moving with kids. These helped me gain some perspective and focus on the most important things on my list.

A couple of my own tips to help with the process:

  • Pack when the baby is sleeping.  This meant that my nights went a little longer but 1-2 hours of uninterrupted packing was better than 3-4 hours of disjointed chasing and packing.
  • Pack what you don’t need first. Items that we hardly ever use or we can live without (pictures on the walls, photo albums, books, extra linens, formal dishes, serving trays, etc.) were boxes up first and put into closets out of the way.
  • Keep boxes light. If you are anything like me, my back hurts from carrying a kid around all day – hundreds of heavy boxes only would add to the aches. Make sure to pack items – particularly books and linens  – in smaller boxes.  Your back – and the movers – will thank you.
  • Take help when offered. I’m blessed to have amazing in-laws who have helped tremendously with the process. Others volunteered to watch Mary or help move more items.  Friends and family are there to help – just make sure you return the favor!
  • Don’t pack the items that you do need.  I held back items to supply us for a week at the new house.  Sheets and blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, make-up, a few outfits for everyone in the family, easy snacks for Mary, a selection of toys, cleaning supplies.  These we kept in our car and not in the moving van.  Make sure you remember where you put these items once you move as well!
  • Remember a chair or two.  If you are working with movers or moving yourself, make sure to hold back 1-2 chairs to load at the end of the day so they are last on and first off.  I learned this one from experience.

Hope these tips help if you are planning a move – please share your tips for getting through a move!

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