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Mary See, Mary Do!

Mary has become an imitator. She feeds her baby doll a bottle.  She pushes her baby doll in a stroller. She puts on my shoes and tries to walk around.  She wipes her baby doll’s nose. She takes all of the folded cloths out of the laundry basket…then she puts them back in. She puts the blanket on the baby doll. She tries to put a sock on her baby doll’s feet. She carries the baby doll on her hip and holds a purse on her shoulder. She drinks from her tea cup while carrying her baby doll. She places the tea cup on the table. She’s obviously watching me…

I’m amazed at how much she must be watching…and listening…and learning every day.  My husband and I have been reminding each other to check our bad habits…that bad word that might slip out when the keys are lost or I spill on my new outfit. Hopefully she is also watching us buckle up, chew our food slowly, gently pet Bella and all of the other safety habits we hope she is picking up on.

What are your children watching?  How are they imitating you? What are they learning – and how will it keep them safe?

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