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Life After the ABC’s of Safe Sleep

I’ve had a roller for the past few weeks – back to front and front to back – over and over and over.  It’s so exciting to see Mary at this stage.

However, during the day under my supervision I’m fine with the rolling queen – but these new skills have become something that keeps me (and my husband) up at night.

We’ve been hitting the air waves with the importance of a baby sleeping Alone, on their Back, in a Crib but now that letter “B” seems to be more and more difficult.  Mary has discovered the art of side-sleeping and tummy sleeping!

The first few nights she rolled over to sleep my husband and I probably checked on her every half hour.  I consulting our local pediatric sleep expert here at Dayton Children’s and he put my mind to ease. He assured me that since she is rolling over on her own she has most likely passed the stage of SIDS – although there is still danger if the child can’t roll over from an uncomfortable position but most likely now that she is getting more proficient at rolling she should be able to get herself out of any “pickles.”

Of course, it’s still important to follow the A’s and C’s – keeping the baby in a Crib, Alone and clear from any stuffed animals, heavy blankets or other toys that could cover the babies face.

I’ll still probably check on her throughout the night – she’s just so darn sweet!

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