Justin Bieber’s number one fan


By: Madison Kavanaugh- A Volunteen at Dayton Children’s

My close friends know I’m a huge fan of Justin Bieber.  In fact, my homecoming date asked me to to the dance on a callout poster on my locker.  It said:  “It would be UnBELIEBable if you would go to homecoming with me!”  I know every word to every song he has released and follow him closely on Twitter.  I’ve seen the movie Never Say Never at least six times, three times in the theaterYes, I thought I was his number one fan…that is until I met Nevin, a patient at Dayton Children’s.

For the last two summers, I have been so fortunate to be a teen volunteer at Dayton Children’s.  While there I get the opportunity to read books and play games with kids who are hospitalized. One day last June, I was asked to keep Nevin company for a few hours. Nevin, who is six, is a cancer patient at Dayton Children’s. I knew of him because he has been featured in a number of youtube videos the hospital has done.

What I discovered in the two and half hours I was with him is that along with his love for Dr. Seuss and talking on the phone, Nevin is Justin Bieber’s biggest fan.  Together, we sang all of his hits—“Baby,” “Never Say Never” and “One Less Lonely Girl” to name a few.  To my surprise he, like me, knew all the words.  The joy JB’s music brought to Nevin was so moving and being able to share my love for Justin with this boy made it one of the best days of my life. We had so much fun singing JB’s songs and talking about all things Bieber.  I never thought I would meet a bigger fan than me…but I did.   We had such a connection.

That day I felt like I helped someone feel a little better and maybe forget a little bit about why he was in the hospital.  It’s what volunteering at Dayton Children’s is all about and why I do it.  But I wanted to do more for Nevin than just sing Bieber songs with him.  I wanted to find a way to get Justin Bieber to visit Nevin since he will probably never get to go to one of his concerts.  I went home immediately and tried to figure out how I could make that happen. I may follow the Bieb on Twitter, but he does not follow me.  I brainstormed with my mom and she talked with her coworkers and together we came up with a plan. We would take Nevin’s love for Justin Bieber to the Internet, where it all began for the small-town Canadian. We thought  maybe, just maybe, Justin might see the video and fall in love with Nevin just as everyone at Dayton Children’s has.  So that’s what we did, made a little video with a cutout, life-size Justin Bieber and Nevin, JB’s number one fan.

Watch the video and share it with others! Post it on Facebook, Twitter and share it in any way you can!

I hope it works.   I know Nevin would really appreciate the real JB.


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    Jeannie Tomlinson November 11, 2011

    Hi Nevin, I just watched your video, your looking good ,sending lots of prayers your way. I meet you a couple of years ago while you where int he hospital, I was staying their with my daughter Carly, she is an all leukemia patient , Dr Dole is her oncolgoist. Carly and I brought pumpkins and treat bags on the 22nd of Oct (her birthday) to the oncology floor, but you were not feeling well so we left you some extra special halloween treat and a pumpkin, hope you liked them. I will be their a couple weeks before Santa comes and bring you some goodies for christmas. P.S. hope you get to meet Justin ,by they way Carly loves him too and would love to meet him. Are you still wearing your Spidy man pj? XO XO Jeannie Tomlinson. Oh ps. tell Royslyn we said HI!

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    Carla November 21, 2011

    I am a volunteer with Make-A-Wish. Make-A-Wish has a relationship with Justin Beiber and the hospital should have the contact information for Make-A-Wish to start the process. There are no guarantees and if Nevin has alreadynreceived a wish then he can’t get another one.

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