It only takes a second…

It’s trauma season and my heart skips a beat every time I hear CareFlight fly over our end of the hospital because I know a parent somewhere is hoping and praying, wondering if his or her child is going to be OK – because it only takes a second for an accident to happen.

In an instant, a split second – a car accident, drowning or  ATV crash can happen – and lives are changed forever.

It seems that every trauma season we have trends for various injuries – this summer is no exception.

Unfortunately, it’s little surprise that we’ve seen a lot of near drownings. It’s hot outside – I mean really hot – and the pool is a great way to cool off.  However, the trend that we’re seeing is little kids unattended around a backyard pool or apartment complex pool.  Many times these little ones are with family members – at a reunion or birthday party – and someone thinks someone is watching the kids…but in reality there isn’t a lot of active supervision.

It only takes a second for a little one to fall into the pool or a backyard pond – and drowning is silent. With the hustle and bustle of birthday cakes and laughter at Old Uncle Albert that silence can be deadly.

So please – as summer winds down – let’s have fewer CareFlight trips. Let’s be vigilant about supervision of our littlest ones (and older ones too). Let’s have trauma season go out like a lamb…because our little ones are counting on us!

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