It only takes a moment of distraction…

Dayton Children’s new mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders

There seems to be a safety month for everything – and distracted driving is no exception.  April is distracted driving awareness month – it’s actually the first time this safety month is being celebrated.

As a new mom who is probably driving a little slower and more cautiously these days because of the precious cargo I’m traveling with, I’m probably even more sensitive to those around me as well. I definitely notice when others are distracted in their vehicles.  What’s really scary is seeing those around me – at the stop light or in the other lane looking down at their cell phones or talking on the phone  – obviously distracted. This scares me because they could easily hit me – or someone else – due to their distraction.

My husband and I made a commitment to not talking on the cell-phone or text while in the car and we hold each other to it. However, we’re not the only drivers on the road.

Being safe on the road is everyone’s responsibility.  Are you willing to pledge to put the cell phone down when you are on the road for the sake of all other drivers and passengers?  What about for your family?

For more resources for drivers and parents of young drivers visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the National Safety Council websites.  Let’s keep the roads safe for everyone!

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