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Here’s lookin’ at you kid…

A few days ago I picked Mary up from day care and I could see that she had been rubbing her eye.  Day care indicated that she had been rubbing it for quite a while but couldn’t peg down exactly when it had started.

The drive home was horrible – she cried the whole way – and it was one of those “I’m in pain cries” vs. “I want to get out of the car” cries.  Moms out there – we know the difference.  Once at home she wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t calm down and her eye lids were getting red. After realizing that our night would not get any calmer and Mary wasn’t getting any relief we decided it was time for a visit to Urgent Care.

My first though was pinkeye since she’d had that before – but there wasn’t any of the usual puss and typically she didn’t have pain with that. After a bit of a wait and a rather challenging ordeal of getting some dye into Mary’s eye to see what was going on we had an answer.  She had somehow scratched her eye. The good news was that she just needed some antibiotics and a follow-up with a pediatric ophthalmologist. Within 5 days she was completely healed – the eye is amazing.

I’m glad this all worked out.  I still don’t know how the scratched occurred but I’ve decided I probably need to do a better job of cutting Mary’s nails and teaching her to not put toys near her eyes. Ah – the joys of motherhood!

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