Handwashing tips from the Polished Girlz

HI! My name is Alanna Wall. The “Polished Girlz” nail team was started by me when I was 10 years old. I wanted to combine my love of drawing and nail design for different projects, but once the glitter was added to the mix I was sold! My compassionate spirit made me want to share my talents with young ladies that were hospitalized or not feeling quite as “polished”. Add a mission of hand washing, infection reduction, and a few likeminded friends and the “Polished Girlz” were born. Born to Rock, Born to Shine and Born to Serve! The Polished Girlz started off with a blast polishing for the Down Syndrome Association, United Rehabilitation Services, local special needs schools and a host of others including their biggest event in their first quarter the Relay for the Cure in which the Girlz Polished over 1000 clients nationwide with over 350 volunteers as far away as Australia and Canada. Thanks to the support of Dayton Children’s Hospital I am now able to spread my message of the importance of hand washing with children all over the world.

As a Polished Girl I visit Dayton Childrens Hospital every other month and bring glitter sparkle and shine (and a little break) to the patients that aren’t feeling so well. I knew that my mission had to go beyond just painting nails and that I could also be teaching these patients something that could keep them out of the hospital or keep their family and friends from getting as sick too. Hand washing is very important to keep you and others around you from getting sick.  Since its summer time kids want to go outside and play with their friends, but if they are sick they can’t go out and have fun. All it would take is you washing your hands to stop the spread of germs. Not only does washing your hands stop germs, but it also saves live. I have never thought that hand washing was so important until this year my brother had a severe allergy to pollen. I noticed that after playing outside he would sneeze and his eyes would burn. After washing his hands he was better.

So finally I want to leave you a few tips on hand washing. Check out this video I did with some of my Polished Girlz friend and an honorary Polished Girl, Dr. Sinha from Dayton Children’s!


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    Barb January 3, 2014

    Yeaaaaa! Finally someone recognizes the power of hand washing!  I am a nurse and was always taught to wash when entering, and wash before leaving!  I ALWAYS have to remind nurses when I have relatives in the hospital. Doctors aren’t any better and need reminded. My relatives are generally afraid when I ask because they fear, as my sister said, “They’ll take it out on me”.  Has nursing changed in the past five years since I last worked.  I know that clean hands come from using soap, water, and a lot of friction.  Most hospital infections come from improper, or no, hand washing. What a shame!  

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