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Dayton Children’s Soon-to-be Mommy Blogger, Jessica Saunders

We’re in the home stretch and getting all of those final details ready for the arrival of Baby Saunders. The car seat will be installed this week (by me of course), we assembled the baby swing over the weekend and we’re making final arrangements like packing our go-bag.

With all of the baby products we have recently opened and assembled we’ve collected a nice variety of instructions, which my husband has diligently filed away in case we need them in the future.  However, I’ve made sure some items haven’t been filed – product registration cards, which are of utmost importance these days due to all of the recalls out there.

About a year ago,  the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a new final rule on product registration cards for durable infant and toddler products requiring certain nursery products to come with registration cards, companies to retain data from the registration cards, and the products to permanently display certain contact and identifying information. As a parent, my job is to make sure that I complete these registration cards with the appropriate information. Manufacturers are not allowed to sell the data collected on registration cards or use it for marketing purposes.

So as a safety reminder – remember to turn in your product registration cards – particularly for those big ticket (durable) items such as car seats, cribs and swings.

If you have lost the registration card (or can’t remember if you already completed the card) you can usually register your products online at the manufactuers website.  In my research I’ve found two very helpful sites to register your car seats or other juvenile products.

In addition, Kids in Danger created this product inventory sheet to help you keep track of your baby and child products.  I thought this was a nice tool to use! 

And finally, make sure to check with your day care centers and schools to make sure that they are also registering the products they buy and have a system for checking recalls. We want kids to be safe wherever they are!

Happy Registering!


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    Kendra January 6, 2011

    Put some snacks for Jeremy in the go-bag……it might be a while. :)

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    Nancy Cowles January 6, 2011

    Thanks for pointing people to our resources for product registration and inventory. Registering your product with the manufacturer is the best way to be sure you’ll hear about a recall. And with the online list you reference, parents can register older products too, not just the new ones that come with the cards.

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    Stroller Registration Card March 30, 2011

    Thanks for the reminder to fill out those registration cards – we have a new baby on the way and definitely see the importance of keeping up on recalls. With out first child, we filled out all of the cards and within a few months, our stroller was recalled. It was a good thing I had sent the card in, because several children seriously injured their fingers or had fingers amputated because of stroller related injuries. Keep spreading the word!

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