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Dr. Ramey’s “Top five quotes from 2012”

Here are my top quotes from 2012, ranging from the profound to the ridiculous!

5.  “Girls don’t want Snow White and Cinderella any more…I’m just supporting her and making her dreams come true,” said by Sarah Burge who gave her seven-year-old daughter a liposuction voucher worth $11,000 that she can use when she turns 18. “She asks for surgery all the time. She wants to look good and liposuction is one of those procedures that will always come in handy…..I think it’s great because you can change yourself if you are not happy.” said the mom.

4. “You can’t escape your past,” the tag line for the HBO series True Blood. Every day I speak with kids and parents who feel overwhelmed that past events have condemned them to a terrible life. While you cannot forget or escape your past, you do not have to live your life as a victim of past hurts. I find myself quoting another TV series, Criminal Minds.  “Scars remind us of where we have been…they do not have to dictate where we are going…”

3.  “….your worth is based on how you feel about yourself,” said by singer Miley Cyrus.  Please help your children understand that the world cares little about their feelings, and only about what they do. Stop worrying about how your kids feel about themselves and focus instead on helping them learn to behave in ways that are caring, ethical, responsible, productive, and loving.


2.  “You can’t hurt each other without hurting me,” said by the character Bella in the book “New Moon” to her friends, Jake and Edward. I am now using this quote when I work with divorcing parents, many of whom appear driven to get back at their ex-spouse. These parents can only be successful by inadvertently inflicting pain on their children.

1.  “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent,” proclaimed an ad promoting adoption of children in foster homes. Many parents put too much pressure on themselves when it comes to raising children. They feel as if even the most minor of mistakes will resonate forever throughout the lives of their kids.

Parenting is all about what works for you and your individual child. Treat your children differently, because each has their own unique personality. Be assertive about the values that have meaning to you.  Don’t be reluctant to proclaim that some ways of living are better than others, and talk with your kids about the rationale behind your thinking. Don’t confuse what is fashionable with what is right. You need not be perfect, but only loving and attentive to your needs and those of your spouse and kids.

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