Childproofing for the holidays

Dayton Children’s Soon-to-Be Mommy Blogger, Jessica Saunders

I recently ran into a friend whose 6 month old just started crawling – it’s an exciting milestone but of course this milestone hit at one of the more dangerous times of the year – the holidays!

My friend said the first thing she and her husband did when their little girl started crawling was to go around the house, on hands and knees at their little one’s level, to search for items in their home that might be unsafe.  While this is an important practice for any parent with a crawler, it’s especially important during the holidays when a home has more shiny and bright hazards.

Potential hazards that they found included shiny ornaments close to the bottom of their tree and the surge protector for all of their lights.  Time for a few changes!

Do you have a crawler or little walker?  Have you gotten on your hands and knees to explore the world from his or her level?  Are your holiday decorations up?  Any new hazards?

Don’t forget to make a special effort to childproof your home during the holidays!

For more tips and other potential holiday hazards visit the Dayton Children’s website.


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    Mom to 3 December 23, 2010

    I have 3 children 8 years, 6 years and 4 years and we’ve never child proofed our home. We simply teach them what is off limits. Why should I have to keep my Nativity set up or only decorate the top half of my tree? If children are taught from a young age what items are off limits then they’ll learn to obey those rules. Yes, training your child(ren) takes more work and time and investment than simply child proofing but the outcome is more than worth it!

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