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The truth about female sexual offenders

The fact that only one percent of sexual offenders in our prison system are females has given a false impression that sexual crimes against children are rarely committed by women. The reality is that 20 percent of substantiated sexual abuse … Continue reading

Top 6 quotes of 2014: Miley, Jeter and more!

Every year I take some time to look back on some of my favorite quotes from the year. Here are the six that made the list this year. 1. “You shouldn’t have to wait for what you want,” from an … Continue reading

The power of a chalkboard

We have something new hanging on the side of our refrigerator – a communication chalkboard.  How do you juggle keeping everyone in the house on the same page?  Yes, we have a house calendar and my husband and I share … Continue reading

3 ways to save a bad marriage

You got married hoping for a soul mate, but ended up in a relationship that feels like a roommate. You know that marriages are never perfect. You expect occasional disagreements and a certain boredom that comes after a while from … Continue reading

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