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The most noteworthy quotes of 2015

Here’s my list of the most noteworthy quotes from the past year! “It’s always about the money,” is routinely asserted by “Mr. Wonderful” (Kevin O’Leary) on the popular program “Shark Tank.”  O’Leary may have a net worth of $400 million … Continue reading

This isn’t microaggression. It’s life.

There is an insidious virus spreading across our college campuses affecting the mental health of our kids, and parents may be largely to blame. Just like the impact of a virus in your computer, this viral mindset is destructive to … Continue reading

The child-friendly skies

Holiday travel season is right around the corner.  If you are traveling via plane you know there are so many things to consider – especially if you are traveling with kids. Luckily, a new Federal Aviation Administration ruling will make … Continue reading

The bike helmet that saved a life

I’m always impressed when parents work through adversity and become true advocates when their child is injured.  Today I want to share with you Jane’s story.  Thankfully her 8-year-old son was wearing a helmet during a recent accident – you … Continue reading

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