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3 ways Trump can help you talk to your kids

To his critics, Trump represents everything that is wrong about our culture. He has been characterized as vulgar, racist, and offensive. He has demonized his enemies, and made crude sexual innuendoes about his male anatomy and those of his opponents. … Continue reading

Why these inspirational quotes are wrong

Inspirational quotes, intended to motivate or encourage, are often nothing more than psychological gibberish masquerading as profound truths. They sound nice, but mean nothing. “If you dream it, you can do it.” I love Mickey Mouse, but this assertion by … Continue reading

Do you have these things on your kitchen counter?

At this time of year, clementines sit in a basket on our counter; another basket sits the leftover Skinny Pop popcorn. I believe in healthy and convenient grab and go’s. Research shows that snacking improves function at school and work- … Continue reading

3 common mistakes kids make in therapy

The first few therapy sessions generally go pretty well with most kids and parents. We can usually change problematic behaviors with most children fairly quickly by setting up systems of incentives and penalties. This is a dramatic departure from traditional … Continue reading

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