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How to dress your kids for a snow day

By: Dr. Lora Scott, Sports Medicine I grew up in Arkansas. Snow days meant getting up before the snow melted, digging through your closet for hand-me-down, mismatched, ill-fitting hats, gloves, scarves, and boots, then playing until your clothes were soaked … Continue reading

The Super Bowl and gender stereotypes

Another Super Bowl is in the record books. I knew I would write something about it before the game even started, but there were so many different potential topics that I wasn’t sure where to begin. Numerous players had injuries. … Continue reading

10 ways to not be the angry sideline parent

By: Dr. Lora Scott, sports medicine physician It’s a typical youth football game. Kids are on the side lines cheering on their teammates for another first down or to play tough defense. The score is close and the game becomes … Continue reading

Tips every sports coach needs

By: Dr. Lora Scott, sports medicine physician Think about the most influential coach you had as a child. What did you learn from that coach? Do you remember how your team performed that season? Which memory is clearer? In youth … Continue reading

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