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Good surfacing keeps children safer on the playground

Whether in your back yard, at school, or at a local park, playgrounds are a source of fun for a child. Unfortunately, many schools and park districts do not have the resources to constantly check on playground conditions, which is … Continue reading

Giving your child over-the-counter medication

Over-the-counter medication can be a convenient way to keep your child comfortable when they get sick or hurt. Unfortunately when acetaminophen and ibuprofen are used too quickly or carelessly, they can do more harm than good. “These drugs are safe … Continue reading

Beware of burns

Toddlers love to be where mom is. So that means all too often they are right underfoot while you are curling your hair, cooking or even running on the treadmill.  Unfortunately these become likely scenarios for your child to end … Continue reading

Is your furniture kid-friendly?

The recent video of a dresser falling on a young boy and his twin brother helping to push it away has turned a very dangerous situation into a heartwarming moment.  However, most of these cases don’t end so well.  Over … Continue reading

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