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Why we should let teens date

When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing an article about the decrease in dating among high school students, his response surprised me. “It’s nice to hear some good news for a change. I wouldn’t mind if my … Continue reading

6 Habits to quit to become a better parent

Our lives are more the reflection of routine habits rather than mindful actions.  Here are  six habits to quit doing to become a better parent. 1. Skipping family meals.  You’re busy at work and overwhelmed with numerous other responsibilities. I … Continue reading

The problem with narcissism

I grew up during a time when my generation was encouraged to “do your own thing.”  I wonder if we’ve taken that advice to the extreme. Lots of different trends support the view that we’ve become incredibly self-absorbed, with a … Continue reading

5 tips for keeping your teen alive

More young people die from automobile accidents than from any other cause. A recent study published in Injury Epidemiology concluded that about half of the young drivers involved in automobile fatalities were under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or both. … Continue reading

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