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2 things moms and dad MUST agree on

A recent Pew Research Study on parenting confirmed what most kids already know. Moms and dads treat their kids differently. Based on a survey of 1,807 parents, moms reported a higher frequency of being overprotective, giving in too quickly, and … Continue reading

The invisible boyfriend or girlfriend

If you are troubled by not being in a relationship, then the “Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend” web site may appear to be the solution to your dilemma. For a monthly fee, you create an imaginary friend who will send you texts, emails, … Continue reading

Why your kid needs a BFF

You should be worried if your child doesn’t have close friends. Learning how to connect with others and maintain good peer relationships is one of the most important competencies kids develop in childhood. These skills are critical to your child’s … Continue reading

6 factors for knowing who to trust

As a ten-year-old boy, I’d hang around our backyard after supper looking for our neighbor Frank. He was a rather large but quiet man who seemed to spend most of his time working in his garden. About once a week, … Continue reading

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