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5 tips on talking to kids about mental illness

Discussing our own mental illness may be among the most difficult conversations we have with our children. About 20% of adults have a mental disorder, including such conditions as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse. Some of these conditions … Continue reading

Does your child have a close friend?

Our happiness as adults is largely dependent upon the quality of our relationships with others. The same is true for our kids. Close friendships typically develop by the preteen years, and they are critically important for our children. The close … Continue reading

4 tips to manage the pains of parenting

Parenting can be painful. How you navigate the tough times will affect your relationships with your children and spouse, as well as your happiness as a parent. Before having children, most of us had unrealistic expectations about what raising children … Continue reading

A guilt-free mother’s day

By: Dr. Patricia Abboud Happy Mother’s Day Dayton Moms! I just LOVE this holiday!  Motherhood is challenging in many ways and for many years (at least that is what my own mother tells me).  You are responsible for a little … Continue reading

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