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Should you “redshirt” your eighth grader?

After a presentation to a group of parents, I was asked about the practice of “redshirting” eighth graders. This refers to retaining kids in grade school so as to give them a competitive advantage in high school athletics. I was … Continue reading

How to teach your kids to read food labels

Our oldest, Patrick, is studying the digestive system in school.  One of the last school projects is to create a sample fast food meal, complete a nutrient analysis (simple at this stage – looking at the food labels) and evaluate … Continue reading

5 tips on talking to kids about mental illness

Discussing our own mental illness may be among the most difficult conversations we have with our children. About 20% of adults have a mental disorder, including such conditions as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse. Some of these conditions … Continue reading

Does your child have a close friend?

Our happiness as adults is largely dependent upon the quality of our relationships with others. The same is true for our kids. Close friendships typically develop by the preteen years, and they are critically important for our children. The close … Continue reading

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