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The problem with narcissism

I grew up during a time when my generation was encouraged to “do your own thing.”  I wonder if we’ve taken that advice to the extreme. Lots of different trends support the view that we’ve become incredibly self-absorbed, with a … Continue reading

5 tips for keeping your teen alive

More young people die from automobile accidents than from any other cause. A recent study published in Injury Epidemiology concluded that about half of the young drivers involved in automobile fatalities were under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or both. … Continue reading

Why failure IS a good option

While the movie “Apollo 13” was a great adventure story about the heroism of American astronauts, I’ve always been bothered by the popular tag line for the movie—“failure is not an option.” I’ll admit that the comment makes sense in … Continue reading

Throw-Away Youth

When it comes to compassion and concern, some types of childhood issues get more attention and resources than others. We care about issues of bullying, suicide, depression and autism. However, other childhood problems challenge our compassion capacity, particularly juvenile sexual … Continue reading

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