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The secret your child could be hiding

Having discovered that their eight-year-old daughter had been sexually molested by a teenage male in the neighborhood, Amy’s parents did all the right things. They believed her story and offered her lots of support. They cooperated with the investigation and … Continue reading

“Sharenting” Do you share too much online?

For years, parents have warned their kids about the risks of revealing too much information on Facebook and Twitter. Now it’s time for kids to have the same concerns about their parents. Both moms and dads are frequent users of … Continue reading

Should you be a parent? 5 questions to ask first.

About 20 percent of women don’t have children, a rate twice as high as the 1970s according to the Pew Research Center. For some, the decision is due to life circumstances or medical problems. For about 10 percent of women, … Continue reading

Does my kid not have a conscience?

Kids without a conscience are the most distressing children I see in my office. What concerns me about these youngsters is not that they will all end up in jail. In fact, many of them will be successful in a … Continue reading

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