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Why your kid needs a BFF

You should be worried if your child doesn’t have close friends. Learning how to connect with others and maintain good peer relationships is one of the most important competencies kids develop in childhood. These skills are critical to your child’s … Continue reading

6 factors for knowing who to trust

As a ten-year-old boy, I’d hang around our backyard after supper looking for our neighbor Frank. He was a rather large but quiet man who seemed to spend most of his time working in his garden. About once a week, … Continue reading

Kids aren’t little adults

 Kids aren’t little adults. While the physical differences are obvious, the psychological ones are not, particularly as kids and teens appear more sophisticated than previous generations. Here are a few key differences.  1.) More Egocentric. Children experience the world from … Continue reading

Helping a child deal with loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life. Kids can experience intense feelings about the death of a parent or relative, or even a family pet.  When a child’s relationship ends abruptly, the impact can be particularly devastating. With the help … Continue reading

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