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Discussing appropriate clothing

Question My 16-year-old is overweight and is finally starting to attend school dances. She makes her own decisions about clothing, but ends up wearing outfits that are grossly inappropriate given her size. How can I talk with her about this … Continue reading

Five steps for a successful parent/teacher conference

This is not a pleasant time of the year for some families.  Report cards have just been sent home and conferences are being conducted with parents. If your child is doing poorly in school, you dread these meetings. Many parents … Continue reading

Four tips for helping kids remember what they’ve learned

There are lots of reasons why children are unsuccessful in school. Poor performance may be due to lack of motivation, inadequate ability, family issues, ineffective teachers, laziness, sleep deprivation, or emotional problems. However, one of the most common reasons is … Continue reading

Are teens too technologically connected?

The popularization of the automobile in the 1920s was not universally welcomed. Many raised questions about the safety of this new invention and their concerns were valid. There are about 1.2 million fatalities world-wide associated with car accidents, and another … Continue reading

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