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Questions from Parents of Graduating Seniors

Question I am a single mom, and my daughter just graduated with a full scholarship for college. We have a great relationship, but I’ve never been able to talk with her about sex. I worry about her since she will … Continue reading

Kids and the Myth of Stress

I don’t mean to be unsympathetic, but I get weary of hearing about the alleged stressful lives of American kids. I’m not denying that many children feel that way. I just think that their feelings are a reflection of a … Continue reading

Kids Having Kids….What about the Dads?

I have yet to see a Hallmark commercial advertising a Father’s Day card for teenage dads.  Perhaps these fathers are viewed as absent, insignificant, or even harmful in the lives of their children. Maybe card manufacturers recognize that teen parenthood … Continue reading

Should I allow my teen to drink with supervision?

Question In a few months, my amazing daughter will be going away to college where she will be essentially making all of her own decisions. She wants to have a graduation party at our house but only if we allow … Continue reading

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