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Top five reasons to love the playground

It is EDUCATIONAL.  There are lots of ways to learn everywhere, including the park.  You count –“ 1, 2, 3. “You practice vocabulary – “ready, set, go.” We take walks around and describe the equipment, the trees, the community, and … Continue reading

A little white lie

Of all the traits we want our kids to possess, becoming individuals of integrity is an extremely high priority for most parents. We want to raise children who are honest and authentic.  Children learn those values from us. They pay … Continue reading

Five tips for adopting a healthy family lifestyle

The month of May is mental health month so we have asked some of our experts from our pediatric psychology department to guest blog throughout the month about issues related to kids and mental health! Be sure to check back … Continue reading

Helping kids manage their electronic worlds

Our teens live in a digital universe.  They may be talking with one friend while texting another. While giving us some superficial answer about what happened at school, they may be posting their real feelings on Facebook. Research conducted last … Continue reading

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