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The top reason college students drop out

As you send your high school graduate off to college in the next few weeks, it’s discouraging to consider that only about 40 percent of those kids will graduate in four years, and only 59 percent will get their diplomas … Continue reading

What’s not so terrible about “the two’s”

By: Dr. Stacy Meyer Just a few weeks ago, my baby BusyBee turned 2!  Terrible, Terrific 2! Although there are definitely parts of 2 that can try your patience, I am really looking forward to this next year. As we … Continue reading

4 ways to enjoy breastfeeding more

Yesterday I shared with you the beginning of the story of Keng-I, one of my fellow dieticians. Keng-I has been a lactation counselor for many years but found when it was time to breastfeed herself that it wasn’t as easy … Continue reading

Why one parent is dreading back to school

Question I dread the start of school, because it means I’ll be spending at least three hours a night helping my fourth-grade son with his homework.  Don’t tell me not to help him.  If I don’t, homework either won’t get … Continue reading

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