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6 unhealthy parenting beliefs busted

What we believe determines how we act. Some good people are bad parents in part because they have unhealthy beliefs about themselves, their children, and what it means to be a parent. Here are the most common damaging beliefs that … Continue reading

How to facilitate recovery from rejection

Many of the youngsters I see in my office feel like failures. They may have done poorly in school, been rejected by peers, or gotten in trouble at home.  They have given up on life and thus experience even more … Continue reading

You asked, Dr. Ramey answered

Question With marijuana now legalized in several states, do you think it’s right to continue to criticize its use or should we teach kids to use it in moderation like we do with alcohol? Answer It would be stupid to … Continue reading

The very real dangers of energy drinks

By: Lora Scott, MD, co-director of sports medicine and Shannon Burkett, RD, sports nutrition This week a news story hit about a 16-year-old girl who died from an energy drink heart attack. Our thoughts go out to this family. In … Continue reading

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