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Which parenting style do you use?

Which of the following best describes your approach to raising your children? Permissive - These types of parents tend to be very warm, engaging and accepting of their children. They encourage their kids to make their own decisions. They avoid using … Continue reading

4 ways for parents to handle tough times

Some families I work with are going through some of the toughest challenges of their lives. In addition to having problems with their kids, many parents report financial difficulties and marital dissatisfaction. This trifecta of issues frequently results in intense … Continue reading

Could social media be causing lonliness?

Michele’s parents were concerned about their daughter’s possible addiction to Facebook.  However, after meeting with this teen, it was clear that the parents had mistaken a symptom with an underlying problem. Michele’s use of social media was not the problem; … Continue reading

What kids really want to know about sex

When young teens were given an opportunity to anonymously ask questions about sexuality, health educator Lauren Dobson-Hughes reported that kids were concerned about the typical topics of anatomy, pregnancy, birth control, and gender identity. However, the most common questions were focused … Continue reading

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