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What’s so “Kool” about Kale?

Kale once scared me.  It is a “tough” green to get. How does one really cook this super food?  Since kale came to our front door through our Happy Box from Fulton Farms, I made kale chips for my family.  … Continue reading

More bang for your buck

No, I am not talking about finances.  But, I am talking about boosting your child’s intake or eating, after a blow with being sick.You see, I was rubbing our son’s back and my goodness, I could REALLY feel his ribs!!  … Continue reading

Halloween: Other kinds of treats

Recently, a mom asked me, “So, what are your boys going to be for Halloween?”  Oh goodness, that IS around the corner! So, I asked the boys this past weekend, “What are you going to be for Halloween this year?”. … Continue reading

The art of snacking

Is snacking healthy?? Do kids need to snack?? What is a good snack?? These are some questions that may come to mind when your child says to you, “I want a snack.”  In our house, I often hear Edward saying, … Continue reading

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