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Nine tips on the art of mindful eating for kids

Take a moment and think about your answers to these questions: Do you eat in front of the TV? Do you dash-board-dine (eat in your car)? Do you eat out of a bag? Do you drink calorie filled drinks all … Continue reading

Our home-made school lunches

A few weeks ago I talked about the dilemma between packing or not packing school lunches. During the school year, we look at the menu on Sunday and Patrick is allowed to pack 2 times weekly, if he chooses to.  … Continue reading

What’s for breakfast?

In the morning, getting out of bed and finding breakfast for ME is hard enough.  There are days I am running out the door just trying to get to work on time.  Uh oh…Did I pack my breakfast? Now I … Continue reading

Helping kids get a healthy school lunch

When Patrick started first grade, the dilemma of “Will Patrick buy or pack his school lunch?” surfaced.   I remember looking at the school’s menu when he was in PreK and cringing…high sodium, high fat and processed foods. Would all of … Continue reading

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