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Helping kids get a healthy school lunch

When Patrick started first grade, the dilemma of “Will Patrick buy or pack his school lunch?” surfaced.   I remember looking at the school’s menu when he was in PreK and cringing…high sodium, high fat and processed foods. Would all of … Continue reading

When vomiting and diarrhea hit home

Patrick and Matthew were looking forward to the All Star baseball pizza party on Saturday.  Matthew and Alex were able to go as well since they were “helpers” this season.  It was nearing the time for them to leave (and … Continue reading

The Happy Box

It was about 5 pm on Friday…we were eagerly waiting for our Happy Box delivery.  The kids were keeping an eye on the front stoop.  Was last week’s Happy Box picked up yet and do we have a new box … Continue reading

Introducing ‘Activities to Zucchini’

Greetings to the Dayton Children’s Community! My name is Becky Gonter-Dray and I am taking on the role as the newest blogger for Dayton Children’s! As part of the “Activities to Zucchini” blog, I look forward to sharing with you … Continue reading

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