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Seven non-traditional holiday gift ideas

 Only about 35- 40 of my immediate family get together for our family’s Christmas Eve celebration. The first time my husband came to Christmas, it was busy and loud compared to the quieter Christmas’s he grew up with. A Christmas … Continue reading

Shaking up our brownie recipe

It’s that time of year when we often look to make lifestyle changes.  You may be looking to make some of those changes in your kitchen.  The Dayton Children’s dietitians gathered again and tested various brownie recipes made with some … Continue reading

Eight healthy holiday eating tips for kids

We celebrate many things during the holiday season. And, if you think about it, food is always present.  The National Institute of Health reported that during the holiday season, people usually gain 1-2 pounds.  (Good news: not the 5-10 pound … Continue reading

If in doubt, throw it out – Food safety

“First In First Out” “If in Doubt, Throw it Out” “Keep Cold Foods Cold & Hot Foods Hot” These are some phrases I remember from my Foods courses during my Dietetics training.  I have been teased for throwing milk out … Continue reading

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