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10 ways to make a healthy “plate” for baby

As a parent, it is important to encourage healthy eating even from a very young age. Even when your child is still a baby, there are many ways to begin building healthy habits during mealtime! 10 easy MyPlate strategies for … Continue reading

Mindful eating: A lost art

As we enter into March we also enter in to national nutrition month. Each week one the Dayton Children’s nutrition experts will be guest blogging to bring you the latest nutrition tips and information. Feel free to leave comments and … Continue reading

Mythbusters: Five common myths about eating disorders

As part of National Eating Disorders Awareness week, Dayton Children’s manager of clinical dietetics and eating disorder specialist, Rachel Riddiford, “busts” some of the most common myths surrounding eating disorders. Eating disorders are a choice.  If only it were as … Continue reading

Saving lives with breast milk

Did you know that breast milk can help save the lives of pre-term infants? Since 2006, The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton has partnered with The Mothers Milk Bank of Ohio (MMBO) to provide donor breast milk to its tiniest … Continue reading

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