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The gluten free fad- What you need to know

I am hearing three things out on in the internet about going gluten free: Eat a gluten free diet to lose weight– When my friend, Julie, and I started hearing that eating gluten free (GF) will help you lose weight, … Continue reading

Five tips for adopting a healthy family lifestyle

The month of May is mental health month so we have asked some of our experts from our pediatric psychology department to guest blog throughout the month about issues related to kids and mental health! Be sure to check back … Continue reading

Life with celiac disease – Part 2

When Julie lost 10 pounds unintentionally, she sought medical care.  Why would this happen?  She also had, off and on, other medical symptoms for years: Reynaud’s Disease, bloating and some diarrhea.  What was causing all of this? Once diagnosed with … Continue reading

A life with celiac disease- Part 1

Chances are at least one casual reader of this week’s Activities to Zucchini blog has celiac disease…and they might not know it.  We hear of more and more people dealing with a diagnosis of this autoimmune condition.  Since one of … Continue reading

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