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How three women overcame breastfeeding challenges!

Did you tune into last week’s blog about World Breastfeeding Week?  This week I would like to share three women’s experiences with breastfeeding and how they quickly overcame challenges and kept nursing. My story of starting to breastfeed our 3 … Continue reading

Why it is cool to breastfeed

Look to August 1-7, 2013 as World Breastfeeding Week!  2013’s focus is on the support for the mother to consider the breast.  Did you breastfeed? What kind of support did you experience? The main support system for mothers usually includes … Continue reading

Stay healthy with 5-2-1-0!

This catchy string of numbers guides healthy eating and activity habits.  Maine launched the 5-2-1-0 idea as part of their Let’s Go! state-wide campaign.  With the growing pediatric obesity rate, the campaign quickly grew into a national favorite, adopted by … Continue reading

The great drink debate

By: Dr. Melissa King This is taken from the conversation that I had with Audrey, my 4 year old daughter, just the other day. Audrey:  “Mom, can I have some Gatorade to drink, please?” Me: “No Audrey, you can have … Continue reading

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