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Life with celiac disease – Part 2

When Julie lost 10 pounds unintentionally, she sought medical care.  Why would this happen?  She also had, off and on, other medical symptoms for years:

A life with celiac disease- Part 1

Chances are at least one casual reader of this week’s Activities to Zucchini blog has celiac disease…and they might not know it.  We hear of more and more people dealing with a diagnosis of this autoimmune condition.  Since one of … Continue reading

When should my infant start solid foods?

With our 3 boys, it went like this: 6 months, 5 months and 4 months.  Why did feeding get earlier??  We felt our boys were giving us the cues to start at different times and we listened.  We also knew … Continue reading

How big is your dinner plate?

A study conducted by Temple University Department of Public Health in Philadelphia researched if the size of the dinner plate made a difference in the energy intakes of children.  Did you know obesity affects 17% of children? A group of … Continue reading

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