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How to change kids’ self-defeating behavior

The problems exhibited by 9-year-old Zach were not particularly unusual. He fought with his twin brother, made lots of errors on his homework, and didn’t get along with kids on his baseball team. These issues were fairly easy to resolve. … Continue reading

Behaviors you shouldn’t ignore

I spend lots of time talking with parents about how to get their kids to clean their rooms, complete their homework, and do routine household chores. I understand why these things matter to parents.  They are important in some ways. … Continue reading

Predicting our kids’ futures

A 45-minute assessment of the brain health of three-year-olds predicted key aspects of their behaviors over the next 35 years according to research published in Nature Human Behaviour in 2016. The results of this study are either incredibly depressing or … Continue reading

The real impact of phony grades

Campuses can be a hazardous environment for our college students, given the alarming rate of sexual assaults, binge drinking, and drug usage.  There is yet another risk affecting many of our youth.  Rampant grade inflation is having a deleterious impact … Continue reading

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