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Car Seats: We Have an App for That!

Dayton Children’s Kohl’s A Minute for Kids program focuses on unintentional injuries resulting from children and families being “on the go” including bicycle injuries, motor vehicle crashes, teen driving incidents and children being left alone inside hot vehicles. With data from our … Continue reading

Safety in another drivers hands

As a parent, when you drive your child or preteen you are responsible for ensuring your child is riding as safely as possible.  Do you make sure all drivers transporting your children are held to the same standards? Car crashes … Continue reading

From Big Wheels to bicycles

Spring is here and kids can’t wait to get outside and ride. Regardless of the number of wheels they have, children love to play with things that move. From the time they can walk, they’re pushing around a stroller. Once … Continue reading

Nobody wins if somebody gets hurt

Playing a sport is a great way for children to find friends who stick by them through the good and the bad times. Unfortunately, for many young athletes, the bad times come more often than they should. Nearly 2,000 children … Continue reading

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