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Who you gonna call?

A mother of a toddler diagnosed with a stomach virus has misplaced her discharge instructions from the emergency department at Dayton Children’s and can’t remember what her doctor told her. Who can she call for guidance? An emergency department doctor … Continue reading

Olympians- not always positive role models

By: Dr. Lora Scott I love watching the Olympics. There is something amazing about watching someone who puts all of their physical, mental, and emotional energy into a lifetime of training, all for the chance to compete for a brief … Continue reading

Dr. Mom applauds CVS

By: Dr. Shalini Forbis Were you as surprised as I was when I saw all the tweets and news headlines about this? For those who may have missed it, CVS announced this week that it will be removing all tobacco … Continue reading

When athletes get sick

By: Dr. Lora Scott; medical director of sports medicine In 2009 the swine flu hit our community. At the time, I was working as a team physician at the University of Cincinnati and saw the outbreak firsthand in our athletes. … Continue reading

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