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Getting ready for Congress

I learned a lot from the session but I also figured out what I am going to tell Congress. I am going to tell them that Children’s is an amazing hospital and makes everything seemed personalized. It’s staff is like … Continue reading

Exploring Washington DC

I just got back from an amazing day. We got to go to H&M; my new favorite store and we walked to the White House. It was a lot of fun!!! Now I get to go to the Star-Spangled Evening … Continue reading

After Tour

I just got back from the tour and it was astonishing. I never knew how beautiful DC is. I got to go in the national museum and I went to see many exhibits. My favorite of them all was the … Continue reading

Before DC

Right now i’m in the airport waiting for my airplane. I’m sitting in a wi-fi area with my sister Aliya and my friend Jessica. I’m very excited because I get to let the legislatures know how important it really is … Continue reading

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