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Childproofing for the holidays

Dayton Children’s Soon-to-Be Mommy Blogger, Jessica Saunders I recently ran into a friend whose 6 month old just started crawling – it’s an exciting milestone but of course this milestone hit at one of the more dangerous times of the … Continue reading

New crib safety standards

Dayton Children’s Mommy-to-be Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders So after I’ve posted a couple times about unsafe drop-side cribs and safe baby cribs, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to approve new mandatory standards for full-size and non-full-size baby cribs.  I … Continue reading

A Seatbelt for the Watermelon

Dayton Children’s Soon-to-be-Mommy Blogger, Jessica Saunders The baby’s size has been through all of the fruits and veggies in the five food groups – from a blueberry to corn cob to rutabaga – but now – I’m feel huge and … Continue reading

Healthy eating during the holidays

Tips from dietitian, Laura McAlpine Eating healthy for children (and adults!) can be a challenge during the holidays. Weight gain can occur when physical activity is low coupled with holiday feasts and candy. Here are some of my favorite ideas … Continue reading

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