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Be a consumer warrior

Dayton Children’s New Mommy Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders It happens all of the time – you buy something, it promises the moon and it’s usually a huge miss.  Children’s products are no exception.  The danger is that some children’s products … Continue reading

Celebrating children

Those last few weeks before Mary was born people would ask “Are you afraid? Are you ready?” And my answer was no – although I really had doubts about things to come. But after spending just a few moments with … Continue reading

Managing the sniffles at home

Dayton Children’s Guest Blogger, Stacy Roehrs,  clinical pharmacist It seems like every day there is a new recommendation for children regarding cough and cold medicines. As a pediatric pharmacist at Dayton Children’s, I often get asked how parents can manage … Continue reading

National Registered Dietician Day

Indulge me on my special day. March 9 is an Official Day declared by “anyone who knows someone” (which includes you, since you are reading my post) to celebrate RDs. I love to talk about Registered Dietitians – especially the … Continue reading

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