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Rear-facing or forward-facing…that is the question!

Dayton Children’s new mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders Mommy blogs and chat rooms are buzzing about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new recommendations for car seat usage. Essentially, their recommendations are helping to slow car seat progression – which is … Continue reading

Back to Reality…TV

Dayton Children’s New Mommy Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders Cold weather and a new baby made for some interesting television watching over the last few months. I must admit – I spent a lot of time watching wacky reality TV. And … Continue reading

Be a consumer warrior

Dayton Children’s New Mommy Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders It happens all of the time – you buy something, it promises the moon and it’s usually a huge miss.  Children’s products are no exception.  The danger is that some children’s products … Continue reading

Celebrating children

Those last few weeks before Mary was born people would ask “Are you afraid? Are you ready?” And my answer was no – although I really had doubts about things to come. But after spending just a few moments with … Continue reading

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