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My First Mother’s Day

Dayton Children’s new mommy blogger, Jessica Saunders Sunday I’ll be celebrating my first Mother’s Day and I’m so incredibly moved. I think this holiday means so much more to me than other holiday because it’s something that I had to … Continue reading

The start of trauma season

Dayton Children’s new mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders This time of year signals the start of “trauma season” and the season has hit Dayton Children’s!  This is the time of year when the Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center at … Continue reading

It only takes a moment of distraction…

Dayton Children’s new mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders There seems to be a safety month for everything – and distracted driving is no exception.  April is distracted driving awareness month – it’s actually the first time this safety month is … Continue reading

Talking to your Doctor about Childhood Obesity

“Remember, your doctor is your partner in caring for your child,” says James Ebert, MD, physician at Dayton Children’s, “It’s important that you ask your doctor about your child’s weight to determine if your child is at risk for obesity-related … Continue reading

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