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The serious challenge of button batteries

Dayton Children’s new mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders Mary is getting bigger and bigger every day and I’m amazed at all of the new things she seems to pick up every day.  She’s starting to enter one of those scary … Continue reading

Listen Up!………Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Approximately 5.2 million (12.5%) children and adolescents have suffered permanent damage to their hearing caused by excessive noise exposure.  This occurs from damage to the structures of the inner ear and/or nerve fibers resulting in permanent hearing loss.  It can … Continue reading

More crib changes…

Dayton Children’s new mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders I think the hottest topic over the last few months has been the issue of crib safety!  It seems like every time I turn around there is either another crib recall or … Continue reading

My First Mother’s Day

Dayton Children’s new mommy blogger, Jessica Saunders Sunday I’ll be celebrating my first Mother’s Day and I’m so incredibly moved. I think this holiday means so much more to me than other holiday because it’s something that I had to … Continue reading

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