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An Amazing Time on Capitol Hill

We’re back from Washington D.C. and so thankful for Bailey Allen, and her mother Angie, for taking the time to talk to our legislators about the importance of children’s hospitals! We want to thank everyone that we met with on … Continue reading

Am I Ready for This?

I’m amazed at how much Mary grows each and every day. After our trip to Wisconsin I feel like she is growing and developing at lightning speed. It’s amazing to watch her use her small fingers to grabs her toys … Continue reading

Friends I met in DC!

Today I met a lot of kids representing children’s hospitals all over the county. I met a little boy named Max, he was so happy and joyfull! He was full of energy. He is the kid that played Darth Vader … Continue reading

Getting the word out!

I did an interview with the National Association of Children’s Hospitals (NACH)! It was fun, I called it my practice interview because I kept messing up!!!!! I told a short version of my story and said why legislators should keep … Continue reading

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