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Could my child have a sleep disorder?

Struggling to get your child to fall asleep, or stay asleep? Concerned about frequent nightmares, night terrors or sleepwalking? Wondering whether your child’s snoring is something to worry about? You’re not alone! Many parents have these same questions and I hope to help … Continue reading

Saving lives with breast milk

Did you know that breast milk can help save the lives of pre-term infants? Since 2006, The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton has partnered with The Mothers Milk Bank of Ohio (MMBO) to provide donor breast milk to its tiniest … Continue reading

Seriously…breath-holding spells???

I do whatever I can to keep Mary safe – it is my job.  But that little girl is strong-headed and is trying, even at 12 months – to get her way! This week has dealt us our scariest moment … Continue reading

Right Care. Right Now. Right Here. Superbowl commercials!

Did you watch the Super Bowl on a local Dayton channel? If you did, you might have seen the newest Dayton Children’s commercials highlighting our critical care services! These three commercial spots which highlight cancer care, newborn intensive care and … Continue reading

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