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Holiday tradition failure

Over the holidays I wanted to start a new tradition. In light of my brother passing last year I long to do more with his children. The 2 youngest are 7 and 4 years of age. Audrey simply LOVES her … Continue reading

Arsenic in juice?

I had an interesting question from a patient’s mother the other day in clinic. She had read a recent article in the Dayton Daily News regarding arsenic in different juices. She was asking me about the need to test her … Continue reading

Yay! No cavities!

We had a dentist appointment today. Audrey’s second visit, and her first cleaning. I was kind of dreading the visit when she woke up saying, “No mommy, I don’t want to go to dentist, I don’t want them to look … Continue reading

A defining moment

Today was memorable. A lesson learned as a doctor… a heart pang as a mom. My Audrey had to have her blood drawn today. Not just a finger stick but a real, in the vein, blood draw. I think my … Continue reading

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